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Young and middle-aged leaders in scientific and technological innovation

Young and middle-aged leaders in scientific and technological innovation

Second, the declaration window: Changle District Science and Technology Bureau - Municipal Science and Technology Bureau - Provincial Department of Science and Technology
I. Application time: Before January 20, 2018
Second, the declaration window: Changle District Science and Technology Bureau - Municipal Science and Technology Bureau - Provincial Department of Science and Technology
Third, the requirements:
1. Young and middle-aged leaders in scientific and technological innovation
- Adhere to the scientific spirit, abide by scientific ethics, and behave correctly.
——The research direction is in line with the development trend of science and technology frontiers or belongs to the national strategic emerging industries.
——No more than 45 years of age (born after January 1, 1972), with a doctoral degree or higher than the above senior professional title (enterprise science and technology talents may be subject to professional titles, and appropriate relaxation of academic requirements).
——We have achieved high levels of innovative achievements, have outstanding performance in our industry or field, have great potential for innovation and development, and are mainly engaged in research and development work in frontline research.
- With strong scientific research leadership and team organization and management capabilities.
  Those who have introduced talents overseas must have returned to China for more than 2 years (returning to China before March 9, 2016, subject to a formal work agreement or contract signed with the employer), and pledge to work in the country for 9 months each year for the next 5 years. the above.
2. Innovation teams in key areas should have the following conditions.
——The research direction of the team is in line with the development needs of the country and the industry.
—— The team undertakes key research and development tasks for major scientific research projects or key projects and major construction projects, with clear research and development goals and development plans.
——The outstanding performance of team innovation, R&D level ranks first in the industry or field, and has continuous innovation ability and good development prospects.
——The team structure is stable and reasonable. The core members are generally not less than 5 and not more than 15 and can collaborate across units. - The age of the team leader is no more than 50 years old (born after January 1, 1967), and at the same time meets the other basic conditions for young talents in science and technology innovation.
3. Technological innovation and entrepreneurial talents should have the following conditions.
- The applicant is the main founder and actual controller of the company (the company's largest shareholder or legal representative) and has strong innovation and entrepreneurship, market development and management capabilities.
- Enterprises registered in the mainland of the People's Republic of China, operating in accordance with the law, established more than 2 years (registration before March 9, 2016), has good business performance, growth and innovation.
——The company owns core technology and independent intellectual property rights, and at least owns one invention-related business-related invention patent (or new plant and animal species, copyright, etc.). The venture project is in line with the development direction of China's strategic emerging industries, with unique products or innovation. The business model and technology level are in an advanced position in the industry.
- Companies should have good profitability and market prospects; enterprises that have been established for more than five years will accumulate net profits of no less than 5 million yuan in the last two years.
 4. The innovative talent training demonstration base shall meet the following conditions.
- The reporting unit should be a college or a research institute (including a corporate R&D institution with legal personality) or a science and technology park. The reporting unit must have a good foundation for talents work, a reform of the personnel training system and mechanism, a strong policy breakthrough, clear ideas for reform, practical and feasible implementation measures, and obvious achievements. Encourage the applicant to choose internal institutions or unincorporated institutions with distinctive features and demonstration-driven significance as demonstration base construction units.
——The applicants of institutions of higher learning and research institutes should have strong scientific research strength in related science and technology fields; try and explore boldly in the cultivation and use of scientific and technological talents, evaluation and incentives, and management services; and cultivate top-notch and young people. There are typical experiences and practices in personnel, production-learning-research joint training of talents, talent international exchanges and cooperation, etc., and a talent training model with distinctive characteristics and achieved initial results.
——The application unit is a science and technology park. It should have outstanding achievements in nurturing and developing strategic emerging industries; establish a specialized technical service platform for entrepreneurial talents service and a good innovation and entrepreneurship environment; introduce, train and motivate talents in technological innovation and entrepreneurship. Establish good mechanisms in other areas and achieve remarkable results.
Fourth, materials:
1. Photocopies of the applicant’s identity card or passport, academic and degree certificates, professional title certificates, employment certificates, any awards or honorary certificates, patents or copyrights, etc.; and copies of relevant academic papers, periodicals, speeches, reports, etc. Pieces (in the last 5 years)
2. Copy of company business license
V. Application channels
Through the "national science and technology plan declaration center" online application
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