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Chairman Message

Chairman Message

        only by the application of industrialization in the field of bio-medical research findings to the clinical treatment through the process of industrialization can the Advanced biomedical research results bring real benefit to the society and public.As the advanced technology in the medical field, precision medicine has huge space for development and broad industry prospect. Therefore, speeding up the industrialization is a vital part to the development of the current precision medicine. 
        In recent years, the precision medicine is in full swing in academic level and a lot of research projects have been launched. However, from the perspective of industry, this transformation seems slower. Featuring sophisticated technology and lots of elements, precision medicine industrialization needs the combination of the most advanced scientific research achievements in a wide range of subjects such as genetics, molecular biology, clinical medicine, pathology, electronic engineering and big data calculation; it also covers lots of areas such as capital, laws and regulations and market access. 
        The national innovation-driven development strategy and the "Plan of Health China 2030" have brought life to the precision medicine industrialization, which has also given birth to the “Fujian Provincial Association of Precision Medicine”. Whether to seize the opportunity given by precision medicine needs us to integrate advanced scientific research professional teams at home and abroad, insiders at home and abroad and relevant areas such as finance and medicine, create an “ecosystem” with improving elements such as technology, capital, and talents, provide scientific research findings and entrepreneurship teams in precision medicine with a professional service platform, apply the medical R&D to clinical medical treatment to serve the public and create new economic growth points. I am convinced that the “Fujian Provincial Association of Precision Medicine” can play an active role in the industrialization of precision medicine.
         It is the best time for entrepreneurs interested in investing in the precision medicine industry to take actions!