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Technical Support

        Fujian Gospel is preparing to set up Gospel Precision Medicine Industry Investment Fund in alliance with Fujian Science and Technology Association of Precision medicine and Fujian China Sciences Group Artificial Intelligence Institute and to establish Precision medicine Joint Research Center by relying on Fudan University for the purpose of forming an industrial chain that integrates scientific research, clinical application and marketing.

        Meanwhile, Fujian Gospel is setting about to construct a resource platform for Fuzhou precision medicine research and development. This platform aims to serve medical institutions and scientific research institutions in Fujian and even nationwide, support critical illness prevention, diagnosis and treatment markers as well as new drug research and development and drive the development of precision medicine and the massive health industry. Focusing on national health and personalized medical treatment, the platform will help realize the industrial chain upgrading of biomedicine in the health field and the field of accurate prevention, diagnosis and treatment of critical illnesses. Comprised of “Physiome Standardization Lab”, “Big Data Center for Precision Medicine” and “Stem Cell and Cell Therapy R&D Center”, the resource platform plays the core support role of industry-university-research cooperation respectively from the aspects of full access to big data on precision medicine, analysis of big data standardization and system and accurate development and application of clinic prevention, diagnosis and treatment schemes for critical illnesses, accelerating the research and development of original achievements relating to precision medicine as well as industrial transformation, providing an internationally-leading supportive platform for innovation and entrepreneurship in such fields as prevention, diagnosis and treatment of critical illnesses, health management, and development of drugs and health care products, and forming a precision medicine R&D and industrial transformation network covering the whole country. The resource platform is expected to be completed within one year and to occupy an area of 12,000 square meters, with the total investment estimated at RMB 0.76 billion, including RMB 0.25 billion for Physiome Standardization Lab, RMB 0.32 billion for Big Data Center for Precision Medicine and RMB 0.19 billion for Stem Cell and Cell Therapy R&D Center.