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Center Planning

Center Planning

        The Fujian Gospel Medicine Industry Innovation Center has established a fully functional R&D platform. The platform aims to serve scientific research institutions, support the research and development of major disease prevention and treatment markers and new drug research and development, drive Gospel medicine and large health industry as the main goal, and export to all people's health and personalized medicine to realize biomedicine in the prevention and treatment of health and major diseases. The industry chain upgrades across generations.
        The “Innovation Center” arranges the planning and construction according to the specific conditions of the project. It plans to use 300 acres of land in the first five years and 700 acres of land in the next five years. The total planned investment is approximately RMB 10 billion. After the project is completed, it will be a Gospel medical science and innovation complex integrating innovation and entrepreneurship, industrial bases, international exchanges, personnel training, and living facilities, and will become the core area of Fuzhou Binhai New City.
        In the first five-year plan, we gathered a group of world-class technology “dual-creation” teams to complete a batch of technology transformation, marketization of a number of products, and the promotion of a batch of products under the professional support of our industrial innovation center. Corporate mergers and acquisitions, promoting 3-5 companies IPO (listing), and strive to complete 50 billion output value. Completed the establishment of 50 internationally renowned academicians, national thousand people, Yangtze River scholars and outstanding young scholars, and completed the construction of five national-level industrial innovation platforms.
        In the following five years, we accelerated the industrialization process, promoted the successful listing of more than 10 companies and completed 200 billion yuan of output value; and completed the settlement of 150 internationally renowned academicians, national thousand people, Changjiang scholars, and outstanding young scholars; A national innovation platform for professional fields.