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Regional Advantage

Regional Advantage

      Located in Binhai New City, Fujian Gospel Medicine Industry Innovation Center has complete government supporting facilities and convenient industrial chain. 
      Binhai New City is a smart new city aiming to be the demonstration area of “digital China” based on the scientific and technological development strategy from digital Fujian to digital China according to General Secretary Xi’s plan and with the development concept of “innovation, coordination, environmental protection, openness and sharing”. It will focus on the development of the health care industry, the internet industry and the marine industry centered on big data. 
      The Binhai New City has convenient transportation system and airport, seaport, land port and information port resources. Relying on expressways and railway transportation, it will give full play to the advantages of natural resources such as “mountains, rivers, lakes and seas” and introduce a sound life supporting system to develop quality education, medical and health care, culture and sports and commercial service facilities and forge a 15-minute high-quality and convenient habitable circle and a beautiful homeland highly integrating ecology, industry and city.
      The Binhai New City boasts fresh air, blue sky, stretching bays, soft sandy beaches, clear East Lake and river networks; it is surrounded by Dongfeng Mountain National Forest Park, Min River Estuary National Wetland Natural Reserve and Sea Clam Natural Reserve. Diversified ecological environment basis makes itself as an ecological, dynamic and vibrant city.
      A number of major projects have settled in the New City, including IDC of the National Healthcare and Fujian Hyper-computer Center, with a total investment of over RMB 50 billion.