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Gospel Overivew

Gospel Overivew

        Founded in November 2016, Fujian Gospel Precision Medicine Development Co., Ltd. has set up 11 subsidiaries covering investment management, pharmaceutical sales, hospital management, and medical inspection through continuous development in the past two years nearly.
        By relying on the close cooperation with Fudan University, Fujian Gospel is committed to serving the precision medical industrialization in Fujian, China and all over the world and clearing the last way through from the laboratory to the clinical treatment. Since 2016, Fujian Gospel has cooperated with the Fujian Provincial Association of Precision Medicine and the Fujian Institute of Artificial Intelligence in setting out to establish Gospel Precision Medicine Industry Investment Fund. Under the support of Fudan University, it plans to build a joint research center for precision medicine and build an industrial chain integrating scientific research and clinical application with the market operation. In 2016, it was rated as the best partner of Fudan University.
        With the continuous development and expansion of Gospel and the continuous improvement of its social influence, it has established strategic universities ,leading enterprises of scientific research 、financial medical treatment and so on.By April 1, 2018, Fujian Gospel had signed a strategic cooperation agreements with seven “cross-strait” units and organizations such as Sinopharm Capital, the Hong Kong Association of Bio-medicine Innovation and the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization respectively.